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        MSW shredder

        MSW shredder


        Our double shaft shredder has a wide application. Recommended for metals, hard plastics,

        tires, medical waste, woods, and WEEE appliances, Textile, animal body, MSW or any

        diverse and contaminated materials where particle size variation is acceptable.

        Configured in a variety of sizes, drive options, and cutter configurations.

        product advantage  

        1. biaxial low speed, high torque, large quantity, wide range of application

        2. machine modular design, easy to repair and replace the Production of special alloy steel

        3. blade and the pad is made of imported high hardness wear resistance, surface after

        heat treatment, have excellent cutting performance. Can choose titanium processing

        technology, make the blade hardness and wear and corrosion resistance, the service life

        can be prolonged to 1.5-2 times

        4. shaft and blade to spline type structure, large transmission torque, not easy to

        deformation, convenient disassembly and repair

        5. motor and reducer used international and domestic famous brands, to ensure that the

        power system stability

        6. bearing seat with patent registration detachable, and can be rapidly disassembled.

        Unique sealing structure effectively prevents the broken material into the gear box, the

        liquid materials can also protect the bearing and gear

        8 multi protection system: mechanical and electrical appliances such as multiple

        intelligent protection, with the main motor starting protection, blocking of the motor

        overload, auto reverse protection.

        Electrical control system:


        • configuration Siemens touch screen, Chinese display, visual
        • reserved MODBUS communication interface, remote control The key components of
        • -- PLC by Siemens, ABB, Schneider and other international well-known brand
        • it can be set to automatically start and stop, and automatic operation time and the number of
        • locked rotor current, reversal, reversal time can be freely set
        • belt motor Water Leakage, overload, overheating, short circuit, phase missing protection
        • running status of equipment, motor load current, fault state can be displayed in real time and historical query
        • frequency setting, adjustable knife shaft speed according to the actual processing capacity, more energy saving

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